Sofia Szabo


I started my acting career in Orange County, CA.  I took every opportunity I could to learn about my craft, and after getting my undergraduate work done at Orange Coast College, I  studied at various performing art centers, such as South Coast Repertory and Long Beach Playhouse, before deciding to pack it all up and move to NYC.  I was 19.   

NYC was a school in itself to learn from, but I wanted to be the best in my field. I knew that preparation was the surest form of success, so I continued to enroll myself in the best schools in town. I  took classes at Stella Adler, Terry Schreiber, Neighborhood Playhouse and Atlantic Theater Company.  I found my home with Meisner and graduated from William Esper's 2 year program studying under his brilliant wife, Suzanne Esper.  

I spent many years in NY and was able to work with some of the best agencies in town, booking consistently in commercial and industrial work.  I felt like NYC had done wonders for me as a person and as an artist but I wanted to return home.

Since returning home to Los Angeles, I have been able to book national commercials an average of once a year and with multiple bookings in between. I took a love to the bartending scene and have become one of the top respected in that craft.  Bartending provided me a stage to continue to perform and led me to competitions that kept me sharp. 

I have been involved in stand up comedy nights, and improv shows throughout my time here in Los Angeles, and I continue to search out the freshest forms of media outlets that actors can showcase their talents on.

 I am also a writer and have been writing a book, BarMade, which chronicles my experiences as a bartender on both coasts- I have since retired from that scene in order to fully focus on my more creative pursuits, but have connected the blog I started so you may see where BarMade is headed. 

I look forward to collaborating with you soon!







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